Run for the Love of Acholi

We are excited to present the ‘Run for the Love of Acholi’ campaign, an inspiring event organized to address the pressing mental health challenges faced by Acholi children. This seven-day run from Kampala to Gulu, scheduled for November 3-13, 2024, is the brainchild of Dr. Justine Nakimuli Kigozi, a passionate mental health professional based in London, UK, and founder of Mind, Body and Soul (MBS).

What is the Run for the Love of Acholi?

The ‘Run for the Love of Acholi’ is a dedicated effort to highlight and address the lingering mental health issues among children in the Acholi region, more than 15 years after the war ended. The event includes a series of activities designed to raise awareness and provide support:

  • Seven-Day Run: Participants will run from Kampala to Gulu, drawing attention to the cause.
  • Charity Events: A dinner on November 9 and a football match on November 10 to engage the community and gather support.
  • Mental Health Sessions: Unique one-hour mental health awareness sessions along the Kampala-Gulu road.
  • Final Rally: A rally at Pece Stadium involving the public and students to discuss mental health issues.
  • Seminar: A two-day seminar at Gulu University focusing on mental health needs and interventions.

Importance of the Campaign

The campaign is crucial for several reasons:

  • Awareness: It aims to bring mental health issues, often stigmatized and neglected, into the open.
  • Support: Provides mental health support and education to children and families affected by the war.
  • Community Engagement: Involves local and international participants, fostering a sense of global solidarity.
  • Capacity Building: Enhances the skills and knowledge of mental health professionals in Uganda through collaborative efforts.

By participating in or supporting the ‘Run for the Love of Acholi,’ you contribute to a meaningful cause that seeks to improve the mental health and overall well-being of Acholi children. Together, we can make a significant impact and help these children lead happier, healthier lives.

For more details about the campaign and how you can contribute, please read the full document here.

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