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BAME, Youth work experience with Merseyside Police 2021

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This week Mind Body and soul in partnership with Merseyside Police’s Community Engagement Unit and youth club teamed up to offer nine young people the chance to take part in a week-long work experience scheme at Merseyside Police.

On Day 1 students had four classes; Road traffic, Matrix, Firearms and Dog handlers. Speaking to the students at the end of the first day, all had a fantastic time and couldn’t wait for day 2. “I would like to thank the parents for getting all the participants ready on time” Ben.

Day 2 was a lot more relaxed and exciting considering the first day, according to the students. Most of the morning was spent in class learning about Code of Ethics in the police. Decision makings and how to gather information before making or taking decisions. They then learnt about handcuffing techniques and why they are used, getting the practical sense. The afternoon started off with Matrix – cutting doors to gain entry to stop evidence being destroyed. Students then went back to classroom for more mental work. Read More