MBS 2023 police expo… 

It is 3years on since MBS for mental health for Bame initiated the youth police expo with Merseyside police community engagement team. Many thanks to Merseyside leadership team for supporting our aim of improving community relations with Bame communities and the police in Merseyside.  

For our morning session today, we’ve had 2 Sergeants educating us on what it’s like working for the police, why they joined the police & what they find rewarding about their jobs etc etc etc

Morning session… hydra simulation training

Teaching us how to communicate with people who could potentially harm us (eg someone holding a knife, gun or any other weapon). 

What to do in such situations and why.

Finishing off day three with certificates and recognition ceremony.  

For interest in police expo 2024 pls email info@cphmindbodyandsoul.org.uk


Update of community activities on mental health wellbeing, autism and learning disabilities


We at Women and Digital Inclusion (WODIN) with support from the UK Anti Slavery network BASNET, and in conjunction with MBS for BAME, Merseyside Police, and One Knowsley, held a workshop today in Liverpool. Where we shared with Parents more on Cyber Security with regards to Online grooming and exploitation of children and youths Esp of black descent.




Huge vote of thanks to our own Musawo Mrs Justine Odwongo ❤️ for tea hing us with passion, getting that debate into full gear. Her passion for empowerment of the black child and community is highly commendable. You had to be there to appreciate the depth of emotions and the deep questions each of us responsible adults must ask ourselves.


Allow me to call out the elephant 🐘 in the room


We truly were hoping to be over subscribed, taking into consideration the news and conversation that has been hot on this forum. We time and again hear the fear, emotions, and sadness in the community. Yet time and again, when an opportunity arises to learn how we can be, do, and have better, many parents find a reason to be otherwise occupied.


We cannot hope to change the narrative if we aren’t at the table where the conversation is being held, time and again.




One of the biggest root causes of youth behavioural challenges today is the use of digital tools, media, apps, and gadgets without parental supervision or even knowledge. Children these days are groomed right in your homes‼️ On the gadgets, we parents gift them with love. 😳 We do not realise we are handing our young ones a loaded weapon. No parent ever thinks that as they gift their teenage child a new smartphone on their birthday or special day.


Yet the same parent wouldn’t gift the same child a car without getting full training on how to handle it. So why do we gift our underage children toddlers, sometimes not even teenagers, smartphones, without giving them the necessary skills and first understanding if they are ready for one mentally and emotionally?  #foodforthought


We at WODIN have the digital, mental health, responsible youths,  skills, expertise, and passion to collaborate with other organisations, Parents and communities that wish to have this conversation too as a step towards supporting our young ones and families better Holistically. And build the village  in the saying it takes a village to raise a responsible child


Let us truly be our neighbour’s keeper.


Our children deserve better. We deserve better.

Watoto activities

Target population: Autistic people of African descent in Merseyside region.

Aim: To provide an inclusive and safe space for families of colour in Merseyside to share cultural experiences on bringing up children with a condition of autism.

Duration: 3 yrs October 2022 to October 2025.

Find more information here Brochure 1



MBS autistic and Mental health project has been funded by the national lottery to support families of autistic children.


The last day of the October seminar came to pass yesterday. A trip to Manchester it was, to one of the most natural and relaxing environments – The Grassroot Garden. The weather was gloomy and damp, but as soon as the children arrived at the garden, all that changed. A quick snack at arrival just to get everyone in the mood for a tour of the 1 acre long garden. First it was the two green houses, full of all the different vegetables we normally just see in the kitchen and the dinner table. 

Then came the orchard tour, with ripe and ready apples and pears. Every single one of the children and volunteers alike had a bite of the apple fruit. 
At this stage everyone was still wrapped up in their thick winter coats. The garden soon turned into a football pitch and a run around park…..one by one the coats came off, even, I myself was sweating after just a few minutes of footie run around. By the time lunch came no one wanted to leave the orchard, however the flavour of the food soon drove us all back in.
The lunch was as fulfilling as the environment itself. After lunch it was back out again for more shoulder rub with nature, although it wasn’t long before our time was up and headed to the bus and back to Liverpool.
Thank you to Rose and Grassroot Gardens, a big thanks to all the volunteers for their time. Of course we couldn’t have done all this without you the parents, so thank you all very much. 
We look forward to more of the same next year…..not to be missed. 
God bless
Half Term Mental Health Awareness for Youth
Every half term (in October), MBS conducts a three days seminar for mental health and well-being for youth in BAME communities within Liverpool.  Today, the 27th Oct 2022 marks three years since the launch of these sessions, and indeed, we have witnessed growth in terms of participation and impact over the years. 
This year, we commenced with a police recording to cover a review of our Merseyside Police MBS expo that sees youth from 15yrs and above of BAME background spend a week in all departments of Merseyside police. These sessions have very much changed the face of Merseyside police in our community from negativity to positivity.  
We then continued with our NHS team discussing issues such as learning disabilities,  mental illness, physical disabilities and the underwhelming attention to BAME youth with these conditions.  Furthermore, we had a session on social care and family connections by a social worker Rose Katana.  The idea of these sessions is to educate our youth so that they have the ability to advocate for cultural sensitivity approaches but also support their families or challenge unfair practices in our community.  
#Mental health and well-being for all by musawo, Justine Nakimuli Odwongo
British Science Association Community Leaders Announced

MBS is proud to congratulate CEO Justine Kigozi Nakimuli Odwongo for having been recruited to the British Science Association (BSA) Community Leaders programme supported by funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The aim of the programme is to harness the passion and ideas of individuals who work with underrepresented audiences and to enhance their skills to enable them to become leaders of science engagement in their communities. Full details can be found here.


Judged & Misunderstood

MBS conducted a day trip to a safe location with families of autistic children and LD needs. This location was to allow culturally sensitive engagement for families and sharing experiences.  Children had the space to safely interact with others and involve in non competitive motivating activities. #mentalhealthandwell-beingforall

Parenting Children with Special Needs!

MBS for BAME UK is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Parenting children with special needs!

Time: Feb 25, 2022 05:00 PM London

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