Improving our Support and Interventions in the Diaspora

  1. Advocating for Holistic Assessments for Families and Patients with Psychological Distress: The MBS team offers direct support by attending meetings with clients to advocate for comprehensive assessments that address the full spectrum of psychological needs.

  2. Supporting and Advocating for Parents of Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Learning Disabilities (LD): MBS provides assistance by offering guidance on processes, completing social care forms, and facilitating signposting to relevant services for parents navigating the challenges of raising children with ASD or LD.

MBS supports and advocates for parents with children diagnosed on the Austic spectrum disorder or with LD. (Sign posting, advice on process, completing social care forms etc)


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Suzan Ntale

Review of care

I had been seen by psychology team in London and got discharged. I had a chat with MBs professional who realised that while i needed help I struggled to articulate my needs. This why I got discharged with no help. The MBs nurse re-refereed me back to the sane service and she attended the meeting online. After that I was given a psychologist and now accessing support. I think as black people we sometimes struggle to tell what our problem is due to cultural understanding of symptoms. Thanks MBs.. sorry I had to write the whole story. I’m sure it can help someone’s out there

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