Empower the Girl Child Conference

Your a school going girl, a professonal working lady, a mother, this is an opportunity to pick the minds of some wemen leaders within the very communities in which you live. Key themes on the talks lined up for the day include,

  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Limitless in a limited world
  • Talents & Skills Development
  • Getting inpired and staying Motivated
  • Leadership and Responsibility

Save the date and you won’t regret the experience.

The Regency Hotel

14 May 2022, 3:00pm – Till late

Judged & misunderstood #being autistic with an African heritage.

Sharing lived experience

This project was funded by the national lottery.

Objective: To allow families of black African background to share loved experiences of either parenting children with a diagnosis of autism or experts by experiences sharing their journey.

Forum: Zoom focus groups every other week.

Aim: To provide a safe space but also allow project lead to collect the necessary information needed to improve knowledge of the subject and stamp our stigma in people of black African background.

For more details please contact us on: jnakimuli@cphmindbodyandsoul.org.uk
Or info@cphmindbodyandsoul.org.uk

Please note that while it’s a safe space, the focus groups are open with no referral process.

Parenting Children with Special Needs!

MBS for BAME UK is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Parenting children with special needs!

Time: Feb 25, 2022 05:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 812 2423 0761

Passcode: 978328

Youth mental health week MBS and Liverpool BAME communities

Day 1: 28/10/21.

The day commenced at 10:00 am with registration of 48 young people from 5-18yrs.

Children where excited about the day as majority had attended last year’s sessions and new ones ofcourse didn’t know what to expect!!. We had our meet and greet session and warm up..

Children 5-9yrs children had a morning of emotional expression by LD nurse Solage and an afternoon with social worker Rose katana. They covered scenarios on describing personalities using art and colours. It was great to see children define happiness, patience, care and mental strength. We also had children that defined dark thoughts and confussion via art… But this then helps with our coping mechanism session on day 3. We also had older children cover some theories on mental illness and keeping safe under social care pollicies.

Many thanks to our voluteers.
Ms. Rose katana
Ms. Solage
Mrs. Sarah Kauma kavuma
Mr. Michael okello
Mr. Benjamin Oloya Odwongo (Trustee).
Ms Josephine Asiimwe
Mrs. Milly Kiyimba.

Day 2. 29/10/2021.

Day 2 commenced with our “ask the police officer” session for community connection. Many thanks to merseyside police inspector Cassie Cunningham and PC Devanna Dawn Michelle Olufemi for your time with our Bame young people.

Day 3 : 30/10/2021

This was our mental health during crisis by Ajit Rughoo ( operations manager NHS) and later coping mechanisms with Ms. Christine Namasembe ( CPN NHS)

Many thanks to the national lottery , team MBS, UCAL community and Merseyside police for supporting this activity.


Yours sincerely

Justine Nakimuli Kigozi
CEO and founder MBS for mental health in BAME UK.

Annual young peoples BAMe Mental Health awareness seminar!

Our annual young peoples BAMe mental health awareness seminar is on in liverpool Merseyside during OCT half term.

We will have the children for 3 full days in which meals and transport will be provided. The sessions will start at 10;00am and finish at 4pm. Our children really enjoyed this last year and many have been looking forward to the next.

Sessions are for young people aged;


Speakers from NHS, social care and the police.

Theme which will cover mental health during crisis is.: YOUR NOT ALONE.

Venue: TBC

Topics on undestanding culturally sensitive parenting, behavioural change, eating disorder disorders , loss of freedom through criminality, imprisonment of Mind body and soul#mindset will be covered for 10-19yrs and many others.

While 5-9yrs will cover a soft version covering areas of mental health and well being by CAMHS team.

I will contact parents once again in 1st week of oct for details and any questions.


Justina Nakimuli Kigozi
CEO MBS for mental health &Vice Chair UCAL.

Running Half Marathon (The Big Half)

by Benjamin Oloya Odwongo in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/running-half-marathon-the-big-half Please join him and make a difference? Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much


Finishing point.. all money goes to MBS for mental Health in BAME UK #mentalhealth and wellbeing for all!visit us on https://cphmindbodyandsoul.org.uk/

BAME, Youth work experience with Merseyside Police 2021

#MentalHealthforAll #WorkExperiences #BAMECommunity

This week Mind Body and soul in partnership with Merseyside Police’s Community Engagement Unit and youth club teamed up to offer nine young people the chance to take part in a week-long work experience scheme at Merseyside Police.

On Day 1 students had four classes; Road traffic, Matrix, Firearms and Dog handlers. Speaking to the students at the end of the first day, all had a fantastic time and couldn’t wait for day 2. “I would like to thank the parents for getting all the participants ready on time” Ben.

Day 2 was a lot more relaxed and exciting considering the first day, according to the students. Most of the morning was spent in class learning about Code of Ethics in the police. Decision makings and how to gather information before making or taking decisions. They then learnt about handcuffing techniques and why they are used, getting the practical sense. The afternoon started off with Matrix – cutting doors to gain entry to stop evidence being destroyed. Students then went back to classroom for more mental work. Read More