Mental health and wellbeing in the digital space

The facilitator Justine Nakimuli was very warm, knowledgeable and encouraging of participation. The examples she gave were culturally appropriate and relatable. My eyes have been opened about mental well being with regards to the digital space. I feel like I need to learn more about this topic. Thank you WODIN and MBS for the opportunity.

Mental health and wellbeing in the digital space

The interaction, the encouragement to participate and share the examples given triggered more of the story sharing from us the participants. I can now understand the connection between my physical life and digital life, and how to keep my boundaries for my mental health and wellbeing.

Imroving resilience and self esteem in BAME youth

I would never have been attracted to work with the police due to some history I have heard about black youth being handled. Thanks to MBS for giving me this opportunity. I have always kept isolated and to myself. I found new friends and started to tryst the police. It also taught me new coping mechanisms when feeling bullied

Mental and physical well-being

I’ve been blessed to have known Musawo. The system is just too bloated, everything is either slow or none existent at all to some of us. But Musawo came along and picked the doors wide open for me. I’m now getting most of the treatment I needed. And I’m forever grateful to the organisation.

Youth seminar

My family is from Morocco. Our son has attended second time. He also attended last year and he enjoys these three days in half term. We also realise he talks about his emotions more that before…thank u.

Review of care

I had been seen by psychology team in London and got discharged. I had a chat with MBs professional who realised that while i needed help I struggled to articulate my needs. This why I got discharged with no help. The MBs nurse re-refereed me back to the sane service and she attended the meeting online. After that I was given a psychologist and now accessing support. I think as black people we sometimes struggle to tell what our problem is due to cultural understanding of symptoms. Thanks MBs.. sorry I had to write the whole story. I’m sure it can help someone’s out there


My interests were police work, social worker and mindfulness. I really like coming MBS week is because I get to try out new things and build up my confidence. Thank you to all the organisers