Every half term (in October), MBS conducts a three days seminar for mental health and well-being for youth in BAME communities within Liverpool.  Today, the 27th Oct 2022 marks three years since the launch of these sessions, and indeed, we have witnessed growth in terms of participation and impact over the years. 
This year, we commenced with a police recording to cover a review of our Merseyside Police MBS expo that sees youth from 15yrs and above of BAME background spend a week in all departments of Merseyside police. These sessions have very much changed the face of Merseyside police in our community from negativity to positivity.  
We then continued with our NHS team discussing issues such as learning disabilities,  mental illness, physical disabilities and the underwhelming attention to BAME youth with these conditions.  Furthermore, we had a session on social care and family connections by a social worker Rose Katana.  The idea of these sessions is to educate our youth so that they have the ability to advocate for cultural sensitivity approaches but also support their families or challenge unfair practices in our community.  
#Mental health and well-being for all by musawo, Justine Nakimuli Odwongo

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  1. Justine I hope you are doing well and MBS team. Thank you for the opportunity of learning new things and the children also spoke about what they learnt. Very happy I brought them. . God bless you for the good work and I hope to be part of your work in future again

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