MBS 2023 police expo… 

It is 3years on since MBS for mental health for Bame initiated the youth police expo with Merseyside police community engagement team. Many thanks to Merseyside leadership team for supporting our aim of improving community relations with Bame communities and the police in Merseyside.  

For our morning session today, we’ve had 2 Sergeants educating us on what it’s like working for the police, why they joined the police & what they find rewarding about their jobs etc etc etc

Morning session… hydra simulation training

Teaching us how to communicate with people who could potentially harm us (eg someone holding a knife, gun or any other weapon). 

What to do in such situations and why.

Finishing off day three with certificates and recognition ceremony.  

For interest in police expo 2024 pls email info@cphmindbodyandsoul.org.uk

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