Three years have passed since MBS for Mental Health for BAME launched the Youth Police Expo in collaboration with the Merseyside Police Community Engagement Team. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Merseyside leadership team for their steadfast support in fostering improved community relations between BAME communities and the police in Merseyside.

In this morning’s session, we had the privilege of hearing from two sergeants who shared insights into their experiences working for the police, including why they chose this career and what they find most rewarding. This dialogue was illuminating and engaging.

The highlight of our morning was the Hydra simulation training, where we learned essential techniques for communicating with individuals who may pose a threat, such as those wielding weapons like knives or guns. This training provided crucial guidance on how to handle such high-pressure situations effectively and safely.

As our three-day event draws to a close, we look forward to the certificate ceremony, where participants will be recognized for their dedication and participation. This marks a meaningful conclusion to an impactful initiative aimed at strengthening community-police relationships.

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  1. This project is very good. It has helped my children trust the police more. Before our whole family was scared of them

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