Project Concept Note:     Mental Health Awareness Comprehensive Action Plan GULU

Project Title: – Mental Health Awareness Comprehensive Action Plan GULU
Organisation Name: – MBS for Mental Health and Wellbeing For BAME
Stakeholders:- Uganda Nurses and Midwives’ Association UK, British Ugandan Doctors UK, Uganda House UK, Ministry of Health Uganda, Ugandan Community Liverpool, Ugandan Community Manchester

Project Dates: 3rd November – 13th November
Website: (

Contact Persons:
– Justine Kigozi Odwongo:
– Benjamin Oloya:
– Immaculate Akello:


MBS for Mental Health and Wellbeing For BAME is a dedicated mental health charity founded by diaspora doctors and nurses from Uganda residing in the UK. Supported by esteemed organizations like the Uganda Nurses and Midwives’ Association UK, British Ugandan Doctors UK, and more, we are embarking on a transformative journey to enhance mental health and wellbeing in Gulu, Northern Uganda.

**Project Overview**

Our forthcoming project, slated from November 3rd to November 13th, 2024, is centered on comprehensive mental health care delivery in Gulu. It brings together diaspora nurses, doctors, and allied professionals collaborating with local teams to implement evidence-based pathways for prevention and health promotion. Additionally, our initiative emphasizes vocational rehabilitation programs tailored for youth empowerment.

**Challenges Addressed**

Gulu has been profoundly affected by the enduring aftermath of a 20-year civil war, characterized by displacement, trauma, and violence. As a result, the region exhibits one of the highest rates of mental illness in Uganda, with pervasive challenges such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety among its populace.

**Project Activities**

1. **Kampala-Gulu Mental Health Run:** Spanning 335km over 7 days, this run aims to raise awareness led by mental health clinical experts.

2. **Mental Health Fundraising Dinner:** Key stakeholders will convene to strategize sustainable mental health pathways and community programs.

3. **Inter-Schools Football Tournament:** Focused on physical fitness for mental wellbeing, this tournament incorporates mental health psychoeducation.

4. **Mental Health First Aid Training:** Equipping educators and health professionals with crucial assessment skills and signposting techniques.

**Call to Action**

By prioritizing trauma-informed care, community interventions, and access to mental health services, we aim to catalyze healing and recovery in Gulu. Join us in advocating for mental health awareness, combating stigma, and fostering resilience in communities impacted by conflict.


Failure to address the enduring scars of war risks exacerbating severe mental health disorders, stigma, and isolation. Together, through comprehensive and collaborative efforts, we can promote mental wellbeing and pave the path towards a healthier future for Northern Uganda.

**Compiled By:**
Dr. Justine Kigozi N Odwongo
CEO and Founder, MBS for Mental Health and Wellbeing For BAME UK
President, Uganda Nurses and Midwives’ Association UK
Honors: Psychiatric Nursing 2003
MSc: International Public Health 2018
PhD: Psychiatry and Intercultural Studies (Expected 2026)

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