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**Introducing Roco Paco Gulu Project: Rebuilding Resilience and Psychological Recovery in Northern Uganda**
At MBS for Mental Health and Wellbeing for Global Majority UK, we are committed to supporting mental health initiatives that make a meaningful impact. Our charity, founded by diaspora doctors and nurses from Uganda now living in the UK, is proud to announce our upcoming project aimed at rebuilding resilience and promoting psychological recovery in Gulu, Northern Uganda.
The What: Comprehensive Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative
From **November 3rd to November 13th, 2024**, our dedicated team of diaspora healthcare professionals will collaborate with local teams in Gulu to implement evidence-based pathways for prevention, health promotion, and mental health awareness. Our initiative includes a focus on youth vocational activities to foster skill development in the community.
The Why: Healing Communities Affected by Conflict
The project, known as Roco Paco to the Lwo people, seeks to provide mental health awareness and first aid training to enhance mental wellbeing in the region. We recognize the urgent need to address the mental health challenges stemming from the devastating civil war that ravaged Northern Uganda for over two decades.
The How: Addressing Critical Mental Health Needs
Our approach emphasizes:
– **Training and Trauma-Informed Care**: Equipping local professionals with the skills needed to support mental health recovery.
– **Community-Based Interventions**: Engaging with communities to reduce stigma and promote mental wellbeing.
– **Psychosocial Support**: Providing vital resources to address trauma, loss, and social isolation.
– **Increasing Access to Services**: Working towards better access to mental health resources and trained professionals.
The Urgency: Addressing Mental Health Challenges in Gulu
Gulu and its surrounding areas continue to grapple with the aftermath of conflict-induced trauma, resulting in high rates of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Stigma, displacement, and a lack of adequate mental health services further compound these challenges.
Join Us in Making a Difference
Your support is crucial in promoting healing and recovery in Gulu. By raising awareness, reducing stigma, and prioritizing mental wellbeing, we can help individuals and communities rebuild their lives.
**Together, We Can Rebuild Hope**
Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this important journey to rebuild resilience and promote mental health in Northern Uganda.
MBS for Mental Health and Wellbeing for Global Majority UK
**Note**: Our charity is supported by the Uganda Nurses and Association UK, The British Ugandan doctors, UK Allied professionals, and the Uganda Embassy. For inquiries or to get involved, please contact us at

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  1. A Remarkable Initiative for Mental Health Recovery

    I am truly inspired by the Roco Paco Gulu Project led by MBS for Mental Health and Wellbeing for Global Majority UK. This initiative stands out for its dedication to rebuilding resilience and fostering psychological recovery in Gulu, Northern Uganda, a region deeply affected by years of conflict.

    The project’s commitment to implementing evidence-based pathways for prevention and mental health awareness is commendable. Equipping local healthcare professionals with trauma-informed care skills and engaging communities to reduce stigma are critical steps towards healing and rebuilding. Moreover, the focus on youth vocational activities underscores a holistic approach to fostering skill development and community well-being.

    The urgency of addressing mental health challenges in Gulu cannot be overstated. By raising awareness and promoting mental wellbeing, this project aims to tackle PTSD, depression, and anxiety, which continue to affect individuals and communities in the region.

    I believe in the power of initiatives like Roco Paco to make a meaningful impact on mental health recovery. Supporting this project is not just about donating; it’s about contributing to hope and resilience for those in need. I encourage everyone to join in this important journey and help rebuild hope in Northern Uganda.

    Thank you to MBS for Mental Health and Wellbeing for Global Majority UK for spearheading such a crucial initiative. Together, we can make a difference.

    Highly recommended!

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