The CEO and founder MBS for Mental health in BAME communities UK would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone working with MBS especially Merseyside police, WODIN and NHS UK.

Our summer youth project with merseyside police to help improve self esteem, resilience, instill confidence and support the BAME youth develop better relationship with police commences on 2/08/21 ending on 06/08/21. The project is a joint venture put together with merseyside police and MBS for mental health in BAME communities UK.  It will be facilitated by PC: Cragg Phillip supported by our MBS truestee Mr. Ben Oloya Odwongo.

The project accepted 10 youth from Merseyside BAME communities who where vetted prior to joining the project.

Please look out for our daily updates on YouTube, twitter and facebook pages….


Justina kigozi Nakimuli
CEO MBS for mental health in BAME communities UK
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